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Brody File Video Exclusive: Rand Paul Says America has Lost Morals, Must Seek God

In this Brody File exclusive, Sen. Rand Paul says America was built on a virtuous foundation and that it’s time for people to revive that tradition.

Paul told a crowd of hundreds of Iowa pastors that the government can’t pass a law to make people virtuous. But that it’s up to churches, schools, and parents to teach virtue.

Paul spoke at the private Pastors and Pews event in Des Moines, Iowa, last Friday but The Brody File was inside and is releasing some of Paul’s speech.

The video along with a PARTIAL transcription is below.

Mandatory Video and Audio Courtesy: CBN News/The Brody File

Sen. Rand Paul: I think you have chaos if you don't have the underpinnings of virtue, of goodness. America needs to revive this tradition. Or, as Oz Guinness would say, 'America needs to revive virtue." Or as Billy Graham might say, 'America needs to revive the hope that springs eternal from the transcendent teachings of a humble carpenter who died upon a cross. Government can supply bread, but it cannot bend a broken spirit...

You can't do enough through government, you have to have a virtuous people...

The First Amendment isn't about keeping religious people out of government, it's about keeping the government out of religion." (Applause) “No government, no law can force a people to be virtuous. Our churches, our schools, you, parents, all of us together have to fill that void. This isn’t the norm now. If you speak of a revival or you speak of our values, or heaven forbid the mainstream media is here somewhere and they hear us speaking about values they think it's just so far out, that it's non-conformity. In this day in age it's non-conformity...

If it's popular to be a people to lack virtue, if what's great on TV, if what you see every day around you, what has become popular, what has become the norm, is a Godless society with no moral underpinnings, it is our job to not conform. It is our job to be non-conformist. Another way of putting this is we must do something our world often tells us not to do: we must seek God. For our redemption and salvation, for our country's revival, it depends on rediscovering that synthesis between freedom and tradition.