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Rick Perry 2.0 in 2016?

Rick Perry for President in 2016? Would you go for it? Will one, "Oops moment" doom him?

Read Dan Balz in the Washington Post today:

As he exited the presidential race last year, Texas Gov. Rick Perry uttered a memorable assessment of his performance: “It was the weakest Republican field in history, and they kicked my butt.” Yet, he might be coming back for more in 2016.

Perry’s campaign is best remembered for his one-word utterance on a Michigan debate stage in the fall of 2011: “Oops.” He could not remember the third of three federal agencies he wanted to eliminate. The meltdown was an embarrassing coda to a campaign that was already terminal by the time of this unfortunate brain lapse.

Perry announced last week that he would not seek a fourth full gubernatorial term in 2014. That surprised almost no one in Texas. He has served longer than any governor in Texas history. What does surprise many here and around the country is that his early exit from the 2012 race served only to whet his appetite for another presidential campaign.

The key for Perry is to get in early and be ready from the beginning. He admitted to me earlier this year that his biggest mistake was getting in late.

Clearly, Perry had more mistakes than that but evangelicals are definitely willing to give him a second look in a GOP Primary. Rick Perry 2.0 is possible. Look at Rick Santorum. Don't tell me there aren't second acts in politics.