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Mark Levin on The 700 Club: 'Liberty Amendments' Movement Catching Fire

The Brody File interviewed National Radio Talk Show Host Mark Levin about his  best selling new book, The Liberty Amendments

Watch the story below. It aired across the country on The 700 Club this morning.

Levin is insanely popular with constitutional conservatives in America because he is able to effectively combine his passion and keen intellect and then role it all into a coherent argument that reflects the Founders vision.

He's dangerous to liberals because he's super smart and liberals typically like to argue only with uninformed conservatives. That's why Ted Cruz is the liberals worst nightmare because he is an off the charts smart guy espousing Tea Party values.

Mandatory Courtesy: CBN News/The Brody File

Story Script:

Saving the Constitution from 'Liberal Destruction'

The U.S. Constitution is a sacred and cherished American document. But Mark Levin, a popular conservative national radio talk show host, has started a modern-day movement to revamp it in order to save it from liberals who he believes seek to destroy it.

The lines at bookstores are out the door with people waiting to get a signed copy of Levin's New York Times No. 1 best seller, The Liberty Amendments.

"We are unmoored from the Constitution and people see it," Levin said.

The radio talk show host and constitutional scholar says he's fed up with 100 years of what he calls "growing authoritarianism" from liberals.

"We're fighting for our society and our Constitution. What are they fighting for? To take it all away from us," Levin said on his radio show.

"We know what's going to happen in situations like this," he told CBN News. "The government becomes more coercive, more tyrannical; the circle of liberty around each individual becomes smaller and smaller."

Now Levin has used his pen to come up with a states rights, federalist solution. He believes the answer to the problem of bigger and bigger government resides in Article V of the Constitution. It says that two-thirds of the states (that's 34) would need to call conventions to propose amendments to the Constitution. Then three-fourths of states (that's 38) would need to approve those amendments.

It's not an easy proposition.

"Are they daunting? Yes they're daunting. It took us 100 years to get here and it's going to take us quite a while to unravel this," he said.

Some of Levin's amendments include: limits on taxes and spending, reigning in the huge number of federal agencies, and term limits, not only for Congress, but for Supreme Court justices.

"The justices have more power than the framers ever intended," he said. "They're involved in more things than they should be and there's no check on them."

Levin's new book is picking up steam. Besides being a No. 1 best seller, a group called Citizens for Self-Governance has started a "convention of the states" Facebook page.

And there's more. Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., mentioned Levin's book to applause recently at a town hall meeting. Coburn became the first senator to voice his support for Levin's idea.

"I used to have a great fear of a constitutional convention," he said at the town hall meeting. "I have a great fear now of not having one."

Levin is quick to point out that this is not a constitutional convention where our founding document can just be changed on the spot. Any proposed amendments must still be approved by three-fourths of the states.

He acknowledges some Americans may not want solid conservative constitutional change.

"If people want to be enslaved, they're going to be enslaved," he said. "If people don't want to embrace their own history which shows them the way out, then they're not going to embrace their own history."

Levin believes it will be an uphill battle against the mainstream media and GOP moderates who have no appetite for a convention to keep America's freedoms.

"We cannot allow our enemies to define who we are or what we are," he said on his show.

Levin says going this way to limit government is not his way - it's the way of the founders. And since he believes that's the founders' way, he's not worried about what his opponents will say.

"That whole crowd is meaningless to me," he said. "The whole purpose of this book is to bypass them, to go over their heads."

"The public school system can't stop us, MSNBC can't stop us, and ossified Republicans can't stop us," he said. "Only we can stop us."