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Audio Exclusive: Mitch McConnell's Campaign Manager SaysGOP Minority Leader's No Show On Cruz Filibuster Is "Irrelevant"

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell never joined in with Ted Cruz on the Senate floor during his Obamacare filibuster and today McConnell’s re-election Campaign Manager Jesse Benton told a Kentucky radio show host the fact that McConnell didn’t show up and speak is, “irrelevant.”The Brody File has the audio below. Listen.

Benton made the remarks on Joe Elliott’s radio Show on 970 WGTK in Louisville, Kentucky. Transcript below.
Benton, who is very close to Ron Paul and Rand Paul is a dedicated and principled Tea Party constitutional conservative. Plenty of eyebrows were raised when he signed up to be the Campaign manager for the GOP Establishment McConnell.

Is McConnell’s absence on the Senate floor during the filibuster relevant or not? If so, what does it say to you? Clearly, McConnell was in a tough spot politically because, while he believes Obamacare isn't good at all, he also thinks the GOP will lose badly in 2014 if the government shuts down.

You can be sure McConnell’s GOP Primary challenger Matt Bevin is going to be all over this comment as he tries to paint a big contrast between a GOP Establishment figure and his grassroots campaign.

Radio Conversation between Jesse Benton and Joe Elliott.

Jesse Benton: “Ted’s a good friend.”

Joe Elliott: “But Senator McConnell certainly wasn’t standing with him on the floor. He wasn’t where Mike Lee was, where James Inhofe was, where several other Republicans were.”

Jesse Benton: “Sure. Look, that was their moment last night and that’s great. Anything that they can do to raise even more additional awareness…”

Joe Elliott: “Why did Senator McConnell not want to share in that? Why did he choose not to participate in that?”

Jesse Benton : “Well, he’ll be going to the floor today along with Rand to once again speak out against Obamacare and we’re busy rallying the troops right now to try and force democrats to come and vote with us.”

Joe Elliott: “I understand. Why did he choose not to participate last night and into this morning?”

Jesse Benton : “Joe, that’s really irrelevant. The point is that he has been there from the very beginning. He has been the number one leader. He has rallied Republicans like no other leader possibly could have.”

Joe Elliott: “OK. I think there are plenty of people who do think it’s relevant.”