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The Argument over the Role of the Federal Government

President Obama has said in the past that he believes discussing the role of the federal government in people’s lives is a legitimate discussion. Well, Mr. President, that conversation has been taken to new heights with the botched rollout of Obamacare.

At its core, this debate over Obamacare really isn’t about health insurance, individual mandates, etc. This is about the role of the federal government in people’s lives. Because of Obamacare, hundreds of thousands of Americans (who are getting healthcare plan cancellation notices in the mail) are experiencing the power and intrusion of the federal government firsthand.

The ultimate question is this: what argument will win out? Will middle-class Americans put up with intrusion and federal government meddling so long as they get their subsidy payout from the feds? Or will they say forget about this and realize the big danger of federal encroachment?

After a full year of Obamacare blunders, the answer may become painfully obvious to a president who loves to win arguments. He may lose this one.