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Only On Brody File: GOP Faith Outreach Director on Republican Party: "This is the place where God’s got a home"

Here’s a question for you: Where have all the evangelical voters gone? Have they been raptured? No, actually millions are sitting on the couch simply not voting (Maybe they’re watching Fireproof!). This week on The Brody File Show we look at the critical problem of evangelical voting patterns. Born-Again Believers are just not showing up at the polls. What is the impact on our American culture? What is the impact on the GOP? We go one-on-one with Chad Connelly, the man the Republican Party is bringing in to help get out the faith-based vote. Watch below and see a very small partial transcript below. Watch the whole interview for much more along with a Brody File commentary.

Chad Connelly/RNC Director of Faith Engagement (4:40 into the clip): “The Republican Party is the natural home for people of faith. One of my most proud moments of chairman was getting to put in the most pro-faith, pro-family best platform ever put in Republican Party or political party history down in Tampa in 2012. We have nothing to be ashamed of. This is the place where God’s got a home. We watched the other party boo God out of their convention pretty much. You’re never going to make everybody agree. I got a wife and four kids. I can’t get them to agree on a whopper and a big mac.”

Chad Connelly/RNC Director of Faith Engagement (3:00 minutes into the clip): “I really think the left and particularly the media has been really good at saying, ‘you Christians, boy y’all do evangelizing and missions and my kids love that vacation bible school but you shouldn’t be involved in politics or education. That would be a violation of separation of church and state.’ and we give our meek turn the other cheek Jesus and we’re good at it.”