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GOP Senator Comes Out for Gay Marriage: Is GOP in Danger of Losing Evangelicals?

Republican Sen. Rob Portman has come out in support of gay marriage. CNN’s Dana Bash broke the story. Portman reveals that his son is gay, hence you can see why he might have changed his mind on this. More here.

Folks, the gay marriage issue is a defining issue for conservative Christians in this country. And let’s face it: They are not winning the fight.

Has the train left the station? Look at the evidence: Some states are now passing voter-approved constitutional amendments, young evangelicals are more open to gay marriage than their parents, the media is saying it’s okay, the majority of Democrats love it, some Republicans are jumping ship, and GOP leadership is loathe to talk about it because it isn’t a winner politically.

What are evangelicals to do?

Has it come to the point where conservative evangelicals now have to rely on Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy to provide the key swing vote in their favor on two crucial same-sex marriages cases currently before the highest court in the land?

The Brody File would suggest it’s much deeper than that. You have a Republican Party that, by it’s relative silence on the issue, have been complicit in the march toward legalizing same-sex marriage. In secret meetings, GOP leaders scream, “It’s toxic! It’s toxic! We can’t win elections this way!” And yet they walk to podium after podium proclaiming how vital Judeo-Christian values are in America.

Hypocrisy? You judge. While you still have some GOP lawmakers willing to take a stand for traditional marriage, the Republican leadership has walked away from this issue.

In turn, what very well may happen is that conservative evangelicals all across the country may start walking away from the GOP. That’s not just empty rhetoric. That really could be reality.