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Only On Brody File: David Barton Endorses Grooms In SC 1st Congressional District Race

Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford might be the biggest name running for Tim Scott’s vacant congressional seat down in South Carolina but he didn’t get the biggest endorsement. The Brody File has learned that WallBuilders Founder David Barton has endorsed Larry Grooms in the hotly contested race down in South Carolina 1st District.

Barton is one of the leading evangelical voices in the country and his endorsement brings with it instant credibility within the evangelical community. This is a key endorsement for Grooms, especially in a district where all the candidates are trying to overtly appeal to the conservative Christian base. This endorsement sets Grooms apart from the rest.

The Brody File also has audio from inside Barton’s visit with Grooms this week down in South Carolina. Listen by clicking here and here.

Here’s Barton on Grooms:

“If They (Politicians) Won’t Protect Life, They’re Sure Not Going To Protect Your Money…He’s (Larry) Got A Lifetime 100% Voting Record On Life Issues…If You Can Be Consistent For That Many Years…On The Life Issue – I Can Tell You What His (Larry’s) Economic Voting Record Is, What His Regulatory Voting Record Is, What His Liberty Voting Record Is…”

And here’s the reaction statement by Larry Grooms:

“This is a phenomenal blessing for me and this campaign. It means so much to have David’s endorsement in this race. David has been a strong national conservative voice defending our Constitution and our founding principles of limited government and a strong traditional family unit. What can I say? I’m a fan. But to have this endorsement at a time when the values this country are being mocked and eroded – and when the history of this country is being twisted – I’m proud to have David stand by my side and support what we’re trying to accomplish.”

It’ll be interesting to see whether or not this endorsement moves the needle in an upward direction for the Grooms candidacy. It’s a big endorsement.