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Exclusive: Rand Paul Says Washington DC Is A "Den Of Decadence"

In an exclusive interview with The Brody File, Senator Rand Paul calls Washington DC a, “den of decadence” and says a good ‘moral underpinning” is the key to not going adrift in life. In addition, his wife, Kelley Paul adds that her faith sustains her in tough times. “You can lose everything except for your soul and your relationship with God is the only permanent thing," Kelley Paul says.

The Brody File spent a couple days with Rand Paul and his family down in Kentucky. Rand Paul’s wife (Kelley Paul) sat for the interview as well at their home in Bowling Green Kentucky.

The national profile on him (including an interview with his wife) aired on The 700 Club Thursday. Watch here.

Also, watch our Brody File show this week where we devote the entire thirty minutes to our Rand Paul coverage. Watch here

Mandatory Courtesy for Video Clips: CBN News/The Brody File

David Brody: If you didn’t have your belief in Jesus in your life, if that was just not part of your life how does that change your life? What are you with Christ or without Christ?”

Kelley Paul: “My faith is a very sustaining thing so that no matter what is going on in the World around you, you know that you can always turn to God to sustain you. You have your prayer life that is supporting. We're all very vulnerable in this life. Anything can happen any day, any moment you can lose everything except for your soul and your relationship with God is the only permanent thing."

Senator Rand Paul: “The world is sort of this maelstrom in that everybody is being pulled this way and that it’s a really rapid World. We live second to second with this news cycle and everything else. Washington is sort of a den of decadence so it's good to have a moral underpinning. It's good to have something that you're tied to: Your family and your faith and without that I think you can see why people go adrift and you can see why some people who go to Washington do lose their way and I think if you don’t have foundational beliefs you’re in danger of that."