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The Boy Scouts Of Gay America

This is NOT your father’s Boy Scouts. The gay agenda wins out again.

The Boy Scouts of America will never be the same. Some will say the organization’s decision to allow self-identified gay youth to join the Boy Scouts is a good thing. Others believe it is the beginning of the end of Boy Scouts. What is for certain is that homosexual activists have succeeded once again. They are determined. They don’t give up. They have taken the first step in reshaping the Boy Scouts of America into ostensibly a pro-gay rights organization. Are we seeing the first signs of a new organization called, "The Boy Scouts of Gay America?"

Why do I say that? Look, we all know the next move here. Ultimately there will be gay Boy Scout leaders. Gay youth coupled with gay scout leaders is eventually going to lead to programs and merit badges aimed at satisfying the homosexual community. Maybe you can earn the “Diversity” merit badge? How about the “Inclusion” merit badge?  Or how about a new “Homosexuality” merit badge (whatever that might entail)? Don’t believe me? You might want to check out the already formed National Gay Eagle Scout Association to give you a sense of where this is going. Or how about you stop by the Inclusive Scouting Network store to buy your already for sale “Inclusive Scouting Awards, pins and badges. I’m not making this stuff up. It’s already happening. Do you think all of this is going to increase attendance in the Boy Scouts or decimate it?

This may be the beginning of the end for the Boy Scouts. Already we are seeing an effort to start a new type of Boy Scouts organization. A group called, “On My Honor,” made up of concerned parents and scout leaders who are against inclusion of gays into the Boy Scouts is going to meet privately next month in Louisville, Kentucky where they will discuss creating a, “new character development organization for boys.”

Look, let me give you a little clue into how many conservative Christian parents feel right about now. I know this may be tough to read but it is what it is. I have two sons who are both Eagle Scouts, so as a dad who has been on plenty of campouts I know a thing or two about the Boy Scouts. Folks, here’s the dirty little secret that nobody wants to talk about: The reason this is a problem for so many evangelical Christians is that (NEWS FLASH!) homosexuality means men are attracted to other men. Boys are attracted to other boys. Not emotionally attracted as much as physically attracted. When you’re on overnight campouts or at sleep away camp, this aspect is going to make some heterosexual boys and dads feel a bit uncomfortable. Sorry, I know some people will say that’s homophobic but it’s not. It’s just the plain truth. Adding gay children into the mix makes everything a bit more complicated and uncomfortable for many.

You know, it seems all the talk is about how the Boy Scouts need to be inclusive of gay scouts. Well wait a minute! What about being sensitive to the fact that heterosexual scouts very well might feel uncomfortable? Nobody ever talks about that. This fact alone will have many parents pulling their kids out of Boy Scouts.

Look, I’m all for EVERY child being involved in scouts. It’s a great organization. BUT let’s be honest. Including openly gay scouts will invariably lead to some sort of homosexual rights agenda. They cannot be separated. If we’ve learned one thing about gay rights activists it is that they are pushy and aggressive. They don’t just stop at inclusion. They want to control the agenda.

I’m sure many people will say that this is a new day in America and that conservative Christians have to get with the program and stop living in their insular conservative 1950’s Bible world. And I’m sure those same people will say that if the homophobic Christians don’t like the new policy then good riddance! Well you know what? Plenty of conservative Christians are about to say adios to the Boy Scouts and it could very well leave one of America’s most cherished organizations wondering what in the world they have just done.