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Video Exclusive: CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson: "There hasn’t been an appetite for the stories that I’ve offered on Benghazi”

In an exclusive interview with The Brody File, CBS Investigative Reporter Sharyl Attkisson says that while top executives at CBS have been very supportive of her Benghazi coverage, it’s been hard to get her offerings on television saying, “There hasn’t been an appetite for the stories that I’ve offered on Benghazi.”

Attkisson has been lauded by conservative groups because she has been one of the few mainstream media reporters to continually investigate the controversy surrounding Benghazi since the beginning.

Attkisson dropped by The Brody File yesterday to record the interview. More of her interview can be seen on next week’s Brody File show. Parts of her interview will also appear tomorrow (Thursday) morning nationally on The 700 Club.

The video and transcription of her remarks are below.

Mandatory Video, Audio and Print Courtesy: CBN News/The Brody File

CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson:  “I’ve received a lot of encouragement from the top executives who I consider Jeff Fager, who is our CEO and David Rhodes who is our president who have certainly never said anything to try and interfere with the coverage. They’ve complimented a lot of my work and strongly supported it.  On the other hand, every story that you present as a reporter has to be bought by a broadcast meaning, not purchased for money but you have to get them interested in it so maybe the evening news wants one story, morning news wants a story and there hasn’t been an appetite for the stories that I’ve offered on Benghazi so I’ve published a lot online because there’s unlimited content space and I’ve done a lot of my reporting there. Until recently there hasn’t been as you said much of a market for on the air and that’s for a variety of reasons I can’t speak to. I don’t know all of the decision-making that’s involved except that on a given day there’s a finite amount of time to put stories on and there are plenty of stories happening every day that obviously someone’s judging to be more important or more urgent."

(Later she adds)

“This is not the first or the last story that I’ll be doing that I differ with some of my colleagues as to its importance.”