Palin: Obama's Abortion Stance is so Extreme

Palin: Obama's Abortion Stance is so Extreme


Governor Sarah Palin tells The Brody File that Barack Obama is trying to "pretty-up" his abortion record, but she calls him out on it saying he is "so far left that it is way out of the mainstream."

I interviewed the VP hopeful this weekend for 20 minutes in Lancaster, Pa. My full report can be seen Tuesday on The 700 Club. Check The Brody File for other clips regarding her faith, media scrutiny and much more.

Watch her answer above. The transcription is below.

Brody: I want to ask you a direct question about Barack Obama. He has talked about being a strong Christian family man. I get a lot of emails about the abortion and homosexuality issues. Do you believe that on those issues, those contrast traditional biblical values the way you see it?

Palin: I think the most troubling issue that I know of that Barack Obama is completely the other side of John McCain and that I am on is, is the abortion issue because his abortion stance is so extreme. It's so, so far left that it's way out of the mainstream. I think he's in some sense succeeded in trying to package up, and pretty-up some of his policies to make them look mainstream even on abortion, but American voters have got to realize his opposition to parental consent, his opposition to a ban on partial birth abortion and most troubling his opposition to the child born alive act, I think should be, and I say this, I mean, this is mild to say it is quite concerning. But to withhold medical intervention for a baby who is born alive as a result of a botched abortion and to allow that child to die without the medical intervention that that child deserves I, it's appalling to me and I think it should concern voters, and I think they just need to know of that record, and it's not mean spirited and it's not negative campaigning to call somebody out on their record, so that record of extreme, extreme position taken on abortion, I think should be discussed and considered.


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