Brody File to Host CNN Show

Brody File to Host CNN Show


Narcissism alert!

The Brody File will be hosting a one hour political roundtable show this weekend on CNN.

It will be an Election special devoted to how conservatives view this 2008 election and the future of the GOP.

I'll be hosting the show and the roundtable will include Kevin Madden, Stephen Hayes, Amanda Carpenter and Brian Debose.

It will air this Saturday from 5pm-6pm and again on Sunday at 2pm.

I'm looking forward to it. Hope you can tune in. I would suggest having a neighborhood block party. As for my family, unless I appear on The Disney Channel, my 6-year-old won't be watching. And as for my teenage boys? Maybe if I pay them.

By the way, I leave for Chicago Sunday to cover Barack Obama on Election night.

Also, remember I am always twittering here and to watch my appearances on CNN, go to my personal site here.

Man, I need to be in therapy for this narcissism. Donations welcome.


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