Michael Steele: Personally Against Federal Marriage Amendment

Michael Steele: Personally Against Federal Marriage Amendment


Michael Steele, who is running to be Chairman of the Republican National Committee, says he’s personally against a federal marriage amendment but will support it as RNC Chairman.

Steele sat down with The Brody File this morning in DC. Watch his full comments above and read a partial transcription below:

“As chairman of the party, it is in the platform. We will support it and if members of Congress introduce the bill, then we will be the advocates for that legislation. Personally, I do not like messing around with the Constitution.  I really don’t and I’m conflicted by it and I really appreciate the idea of wanting to put something like that, same with the pro-life issue, same with gay marriage but I really believe we are a federal government.”

So basically Steele is going with the idea that this a states’ rights issue. Will that fly when voting begins for the chairmanship in late January? The social conservatives may not like it but it’s not like Steele is arguing to pull it out of the platform. This big tent feel scares many social conservatives.


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