Obama vs Romney?

Obama vs Romney?


Could the stimulus sink a second term for Obama? Here's the worst case scenario for the Obama admninistration. Let's say unemployment keeps creeping up and job losses keep piling up. Then let's say the stimulus money leads to far less than the 3-4 million jobs promised by this White House. Guess what? Obama's in trouble. deep trouble.

The President, like it or not, will be judged on this stimulus bill. He pushed for it. He spent major political capital on it. He promised that it would lead America out of the economic wilderness. If it is judged as a failure, then I have some news for you. Get ready for Mitt Romney.

I can see it now. Mitt Romney campaigning in 2011 telling Americans that Obama's plan didn't work and that Americans should now trust his economic intellect to get the job done. I'm tellin ya. It could defintely shape up that way.

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