The Pro-Life Health Care Town Hall Toolkit

The Pro-Life Health Care Town Hall Toolkit


The Pro-Life community is gearing up to have their say at these town hall meetings. The "Stop the Abortion Mandate Coalition", which is made up of over 70 pro-life groups has now released a toolkit for people to use when attending health care town hall meetings across the country. The toolkit comes complete with tips on what questions to ask, talking points and how to behave when you're at the town halls. The link to the toolkit is here. Below are the suggested questions that the Coalition is encouraging pro-lifers to ask their Congressmen at the town halls.

What to Ask Your Representative at a Townhall or Personal Meeting

1) My family is struggling to pay the bills just like many other families here in this tough economy. Now you and your colleagues and Congress want to tax my family even more to pay for the healthcare bill. But that’s not even the worst of it for us, the majority of this country, who are prolife. The current legislation uses my tax dollars to pay for abortion.

My question for you: Will you oppose any will oppose any healthcare bill that uses tax dollars to pay for abortions?

2) President Obama has specifically said that the “chronically ill and those toward the end of their lives are accounting for potentially 80 percent of the total health care bill” and therefore there will have to be some kind of “difficult” and “democratic conversation” that will take place to give “guidance” as to what patients will receive life-sustaining, and expensive, treatment.

My question for you: How does what the President has said not promote rationing of care? And who will decide who gets what expensive treatments and who doesn’t?

3) Current proposals provide for seniors, every five years, to be provided "advance care planning consultation" for "end-of-life services." House Minority Leader John A. Boehner of Ohio and Republican Rep. Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan warn that the provision "may start us down a treacherous path toward government-encouraged euthanasia."

My question for you: Would you support a bill where government bureaucrats get to decide who lives and who dies based on cost? Or what about a bill that mandates counselors advocate assisted-suicide over expensive treatments in order to save money?

4) It took President Obama nearly four months to choose his dog. The President has asked Congress to push through healthcare in the same time frame. A dog doesn’t cost over a trillion in 10 years and care of one isn’t 1/7th of the nation’s economy.

My question for you: First, did you read the 1000+ page bill? Two, will you read it before you vote on it? And three, don’t you think it should take longer to craft significant legislation than it does to pick out a dog?

5) Our nation is founded on the principles of the First Amendment and the right to practice freedom of religion. For many doctors, nurses and other professionals, performing an abortion is a grave issue that violates their conscience. We need these doctors - many work at our nation’s hospitals and have private practices in our communities. If there aren’t any provisions to protect these doctors, we are in danger of losing a significant amount of accessibility to care should these
doctors close their doors rather than provide abortions.

My question for you: Would you oppose a bill that did not include specific conscience protections for those healthcare professionals who choose not to perform or refer for abortions based upon their moral values?

Here's the real question: Can The White House really control the message anymore? The President may have the bully pulpit but the megaphone is clearly with the frustrated town hall participants. Because of the congressional break, August is the month for them to "vent." Will it change the landscape come September? How can it not?

By the way, The Brody File has discovered the secret toolkit over at The White House being used this month. Click here.


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