Progressive Evangelicals Get Ready to Storm Capitol Hill

Progressive Evangelicals Get Ready to Storm Capitol Hill


While the pro-life conservative Evangelicals try and make a difference in this health care reform debate, they have some competition. Moderate and Progressive Evangelicals are JUST as determined to pass health care reform and next week tens of thousands of them are going to head to Capitol Hill with their "moral message".

Just as the pro-lifers have their "Void the Abortion Mandate" campaign, moderate and progressive Evangelicals have their own campaign called, “40 Days for Health Reform” and they plan to "Flood Congress for 48 Hours" next week. Read a little about what they're going to do below:

On Tuesday, September 15, tens of thousands of people of faith will participate in a major nationwide call-in to Congress. Faith groups will send hundreds of thousands of emails to their networks, and a TV ad urging people of faith to call their Members of Congress will saturate the airwaves in key media markets in 6 states (CO, MO, LA, AR, IN, ND).

The following day, Wednesday, September 16, local clergy, people of faith and advocates from communities across the country will come to Congress’ doorstep for a lobby day and Capitol Hill Rally for Affordability at the Upper Senate Park at 12:00pm.

More on their efforts here.

It's interesting to watch the dynamic of how both groups (conservative evangelicals and progressive evangelicals) try and make the moral argument for health reform. Conservative Evangelicals just can not support any sort of health care reform plan that would fund abortions. Plain and simple. End of discussion. Then you have the progressives making the Matthew 25 argument and this idea that Jesus would be for health care reform.

Where is the common ground? It's hard to find common ground when you believe abortion is the taking of an innocent life. As much as both groups try to make their case the reality is that there is truth in both arguments and therein lies the problem. It's complicated. I think I need to sit down on the Psychiatrist's couch. Lucy are you in?

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