FBI Investigating Increase in Death Threats to Pro-Life Organizations

FBI Investigating Increase in Death Threats to Pro-Life Organizations


The Brody File has learned that the FBI is investigating an increasing number of death threats against pro-life organizations. Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue tells The Brody File that the FBI spoke with him in person yesterday at their office in Wichita, Kansas and he handed over numerous death threat letters they've received. This is the third time there has been a face to face meeting with the FBI in the last three months. Newman says the death threats to his organization have increased dramatically since President Obama took office but it has been especially worse in the last three months.

To give you an idea of the kind of death threats they've received, The Brody File is posting a few of these horrible comments below. I have removed the foul language so they have been slightly edited but the link for more on this is here.

Sample of Threats Received by Operation Rescue Since the Tiller Murder

"Time to start killing bible-thumping morons. If only YOUR parents had believed in abortion."

"Let those that have sinned cast bullets towards you idiots as well."

"Since you and your followers promote the killing of doctors who carry out abortions, I think it's
time for those of us who respect a woman's right to control her own reproduction to promote
a little terrorism of our own. So watch out, keep looking over your shoulders, who knows
who may be behind you?"

"I eagerly await the day that I see your blood on someone's hands."

Below is a picture of a death threat letter received by Operation Rescue:

Michigan pro-life activist Judy Zabik, who is the spokesman for Flint Area Right to Life is calling on tougher protections for pro-life clinics. "I would publicly insist that all crisis pregnancy centers be afforded the same protection that Eric Holder gave to all the abortion clinics around the country after (George)Tiller was murdered."
You know, the media has always done the abortion clinic protesters and harassment story. We will see how the Pouillon murder develops but either way there defintely is a story out there about the increased chatter and death threats against pro-life organizations. Pro-Life leader Reverend Pat Mahoney tells me that it's a serious problem. "Our group has had many death threats, anthrax threats, cars broken into and calls at home where people say we're going to get you and your family."

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