Gay Dinner Special: Lady Gaga and President Obama

Gay Dinner Special: Lady Gaga and President Obama


Maybe Lady Gaga will get to meet President Obama. Oh boy. Can't wait. Yes, that's right President Obama and rock star Lady Gaga will headline this Saturday's Human Rights Campaign event.

HRC is the largest gay rights group in the country. More below from The Associated Press and then get my analysis.

Human Rights Campaign's president says it's fitting Obama will speak at Saturday's dinner gala honoring the late Sen. Ted Kennedy. The next day, thousands of gay and lesbian activists are expected for the National Equality March in Washington. Some have been critical of Obama's slow pace in honoring campaign pledges to lift the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

One former Clinton adviser says Obama needs to "spend some of his political capital on ending the gay military ban," which the adviser calls a "hugely symbolic issue," and also come out in favor of gay marriage.

Obama has committed to repealing the policy that has seen more than 12,000 troops dismissed after their sexual orientation was revealed. But as president, he has taken no concrete steps to do so.

President Obama's relationship with the gay community has got to be one of the more confusing ones out there. I mean, he talks a good game but the gay rights leaders want to see some serious action. Yes the administration has thrown a few "bones" to them, but it's not even close to what they expected.

Look, President Obama may sympathize with their cause but he's not going to invest political capital on their pet issues and risk ticking off moderates and Independents who are not necessarily on board with the gay agenda. Why would he fight to the death on "Don't Ask Don't Tell" when he's got health care reform and Afghanistan to deal with? There's only so much political capital to go around.

If I was a gay activist (and just for the record I'd like to confirm that I am not), I'd be rolling my eyes when the President starts making promises Saturday night.

Maybe the gay community now knows a little how Evangelicals felt in the latter part of the Bush years where they felt they were promised the world but didn't get much in return.

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