Video: Lt. Carey Cash Praying on The 700 Club

Video: Lt. Carey Cash Praying on The 700 Club


The Brody File has some new, exclusive video and remarks from the man who is preaching God's Word to President Obama at Camp David's Evergreen Chapel.

Lt. Carey Cash (yes, the great-nephew of singer Johnny Cash) is the Military Chaplain at Camp David in the Maryland mountains. President Obama is on record saying that Cash's sermons are powerful.

Well, back in 2004, Lt. Cash appeared on The 700 Club to discuss his spiritual book called A Table in His Presence.

Watch the interview as well as him praying with Pat Robertson below. The clip runs eight minutes, but the prayer is about 6:26 in. Where else but The Brody File can you get this stuff?

Here is the transcription of his prayer on The 700 Club:

"Heavenly Father you promise us that you are a God who is able to deliver us and Lord so often when the events of our World become dark we fail to remember that truth. I would pray right now a special anointing on our men in Iraq and our women who are on the front lines and who are witnessing death and destruction and who are witnessing a World in upheaval that they would know beyond a shadow of a doubt as we speak the awesome power and presence of Almighty God.

"I pray O Lord that this time would be a time in their life when if they haven't they would draw closer to the heart of Jesus Christ and that you would raise up a nation of prayer warriors to intercede everyday on their behalf, to go to the throne room that we might lift these men up, that they would accomplish their just cause, that they would be protected, that they would be shielded and ultimately that they would know the saving love of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We commit then under your care and keeping.

"In Jesus name. Amen."

By the way, The Washington Post did a profile of Cash today but he wouldn't talk.

Folks, Lt. Cash may not be allowed to do interviews now because of his increased visibility, but make no mistake that when you hear him talk and pray, he sounds like a pretty traditional conservative Evangelical. (He's a Southern Baptist by the way) 

During his 700 Club appearance he talked about angels in the battlefield and how the prayers of Church members back home really do work. I think it's safe to assume that Lt. Cash is preaching God's word pretty straightforward.

For more on his book called A Table in His Presence go here. To read an address on this topic that he gave to The National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Forces in December of 2003, click here.

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