President Obama's Nominee to EEOC May Cause Stir

President Obama's Nominee to EEOC May Cause Stir


On The 700 Club this morning, The Brody File did an in-depth report on Chai Feldblum, President Obama’s nominee for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Some of her comments will surely be controversial including video of her saying, “Gay sex is morally good”. It then gets even more interesting than that when she starts talking about her views on marriage and how in most cases sexual liberty trumps religious liberty.

You can watch the TV report below.

Feldblum is well know in gay circles. She negotiated and drafted provisions for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.Her work on ENDA, which would add language to protect those of a different sexual orientation is significant considering that Feldblum could be a member of the EEOC - which will be the agency responsible for issuing the regulations that will enforce ENDA if and when it becomes law.

This potential fight over Feldblum could give pause to conservative moderates and Democrats (Catholics) who voted for President Obama. Of course the gay community will want Obama to fight for her if it gets ugly but fighting for a nominee who has said some pretty radical things could get messy. Will the GOP fight him on this? Stay tuned.


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