Huckabee's List of Likes and Dislikes When it Comes to President Obama

Huckabee's List of Likes and Dislikes When it Comes to President Obama


What does Mike Huckabee like about President Obama? And what does he dislike about his policies?

Watch his answer below. Huckabee stopped by our D.C. studios this morning.

HUCKABEE:  I think that he has at least modeled an exemplary role as a husband and as a father. And I do appreciate that. I think that sometimes conservatives try to say that everything the man does is wrong, we can't find anything right about him.  That's unfair, it's unfortunate, and I think it frankly is the reason that politics gets so polarizing.

I certainly can appreciate that he has a good relationship, in fact a wonderful relationship, with his wife and with his daughters.  He spends time with them. He gives us a good role model as a husband and father. As somebody who believes the family unit is critical to our nation's future, I genuinely appreciate that and think he ought to be applauded for it. 

The things that are disappointing are on the policy side. I really hoped that he was serious when he said there would be transparency, that there was going to be this sense of putting the bills on the Internet for five days for people to read them before he signed them. That we weren't going to deficit-spend, we weren't going to raise taxes on the middle class, that we weren't going to put undue burdens on small businesses. 

Unfortunately, we're doing all of that. And then from a standpoint of national security, I'm especially grieved at what's happening with the policy toward Israel.  

We are abandoning the only real ally and friend we have in the Middle East, and we're doing it in order to court really a thug, rogue, terrorist government like the Palestinians who are led by a person who helped clear the finances for the Munich bombing. 

This is completely inexplicable to me. And I'm very concerned that that's going to create a further destabilization of a very delicate Middle East.

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