Senator Jim DeMint: "I Need Some New Republicans"

Senator Jim DeMint: "I Need Some New Republicans"


Hey Tea Party participants. Listen up. Senator Jim DeMint says it's time for, "some new republicans" to be elected to serve in the Senate.

DeMint spoke to The Brody File about what he wants to see happen in 2010. The junior Senator from South Carolina is a MAJOR player in the Tea Party movement due to the fact that he has been aggressively backing conservative type candidates against Republican establishment figures. For example, he's backing Marco Rubio in Florida against Charlie Crist and Chuck DeVote in California instead of Carly Fiorina.

Watch his comments below and the key transcription is below as well:


Senator Jim DeMint: “I need some new Republicans, people who believe in constitutional government, a balanced budget and liberty and so I’m out across the country recruiting new republicans who I think if they get here will not only challenge the institutions of government but be willing to even challenge the Republican Party and our leadership if they feel like we’re going in the wrong direction. I think just a handful of new Republicans in the senate could help change the direction.”

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