White House Faith Office Director Defends Work of Faith Council

White House Faith Office Director Defends Work of Faith Council


In an exclusive interview with The Brody File, the Director of The White House Faith Based Office, Joshua DuBois, takes issue with a report in The Washington Post that portrayed the Faith Council within the Office as more “show” than anything else. The Post article also mentioned that the abortion reduction talk was off the table. DuBois says that’s simply not true. Watch his comments below along with a transcription. The Washington Post article is here.

Joshua DuBois: “I just thought that it didn’t reflect our actual work. The substance of what we’re doing day in and day out with our centers across government and the 60 recommendations that the advisory council is putting forth. None of that was analyzed although certainly presented. Most of the quotes were from folks who weren’t on the advisory council as opposed to reflecting from those who were and so we’re going to keep doing our work, working on behalf of the American people and hopefully that will get reported as well.”

Joshua DuBois: “It’s very much a priority of the President to find common ground on this difficult issue and my office along with the Domestic Policy Council in which we sit and The White House council on Women and Girls met with a range of organizations are now pulling together a lot of information to present to the President so that he can eventually talk about where the administration will go in this important area so that’s still very much on the table. Again, where one of the things where unfortunately the facts didn’t get in the way of a theory but we’re going to keep doing our work.”
David Brody: Time frame?
Joshua DuBois: “It’s certainly not a multi-year effort. It’s something that we’re looking at much sooner than that.”

An extended interview with DuBois can be seen on the next edition of The Brody File Show which airs starting Monday night February 8th at 8pm on the CBN Newschannel. (Also on the show Ralph Reed) Watch other Brody File Shows here.

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