Tim Pawlenty Says Obama Will Be a One Term President

Tim Pawlenty Says Obama Will Be a One Term President


Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty,  a possible GOP presidential candidate, predicts that President Obama will be a one term President. I spoke one on one with Pawlenty at the CPAC event last week.

Watch below. Transcription provided.

Governor Tim Pawlenty: “I think President Obama will be a one term President for a whole bunch of reasons including I don’t think the economy is going to recover. I hope it does but I don’t think it will nearly what the hope and expectations for Americans has been and number two I think the dramatic overreach that he is using the federal government to delve into the lives of Americans in terms of our freedoms, market principles, notions of individual responsibility and the like is getting the country to the point of saying we’ve had it.”

“It’s the American people saying enough and that’s not just conservatives. In Massachusetts that was independents, that was even a good chunk of the Democrats saying enough Mr. President. Stop. This is the wrong direction for America and when you have that many voices speaking that loudly that does not bode well for President Obama’s re-election and in my view that’s a good thing.”

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