May Day Prayer Alert as James Dobson Says We're In "The most serious moral crisis since the Civil War"

May Day Prayer Alert as James Dobson Says We're In "The most serious moral crisis since the Civil War"


The ship (America) is sinking and so Christian leaders have sent out the May Day alert!

The May Day 2010 Prayer event is coming this Saturday where people will come to the Lincoln Memorial at sunrise from all across the country and start to pray our way out of it. That's the message coming the organizers of the event. (Faith2Action)

There are quite a few U.S. Congressmen involved in this effort. In addition, James Dobson has recorded an audio message where he says the following:

"Our nation faces what is perhaps the most serious moral crisis since the Civil War as we've turned our backs on God and have clearly displeased him."

The audio message from Dobson is here.

A promo video of the event is here.

See the detailed program of events here.

More on the event here.

Read more on the event below:

May Day 2010 - A Cry to God for a Nation in Distress

Join with Christian leaders of all denominations who love God to humble ourselves, pray, seek the face of God, and turn from our wicked ways—individually and as a nation.    Jesus will be front and center at May Day.   Prayers will be offered in Jesus' Name!

This event is not to impress the media or those in Washington, but to reach the heart of God.  Publicly repenting and crying out to God for His mercy instead of the judgment our many sins deserve.

Here is a brief synopsis of what's being planned for our May Day solemn assembly (all times listed here are in Eastern Daylight Time):?

6:10 a.m. - 7:00 a.m. -  Praise and Worship music led by Rick Heil, his group Sonicflood, Skyway, the PA Prayer Network Band, and Kurtis Parks.  (Sunrise is 6:10 a.m.)

7:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. - Every hour will generally feature times of prayer and proclamation, including words from the Constitutions of all 50 States, as well as a number of our Presidents and American patriots, and conclude with  Prayer times will include both corporate and personal silent prayer.   ??Prayers of repentance will be offered about each of the "Seven Mountains of Culture" - the times for each of these seven are as follows:   During the 7 o'clock hour (Family); 8 o'clock (Religion); 9 o'clock (Education); 10 o'clock (Arts & Entertainment); 11 o'clock (Business); the Noon hour (Government); and at 1 o'clock (Media).

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