Rand Paul and Ron Paul: "Father and Son of Liberty"

Rand Paul and Ron Paul: "Father and Son of Liberty"


The Brody File has a sneak peak of the photo that is going to be presented tonight to Rand Paul and his father Ron Paul at what is expected to be Rand Paul’s “Victory Party” tonight in Bowling Green Kentucky.

It is called, “Father and Son of Liberty” and was put together by the campaign’s volunteer photographer Chris Gadbois and his business partner Lori Haines. Ron Paul is after all the Godfather of the Tea Party movement.

The Brody File is in Bowling Green Kentucky and conducted a one on one interview with Rand Paul. Video of the interview is coming soon but here are a few interesting transcription excerpts:

Rand Paul: “What do you have to do to be a Tea Party candidate? Many people can be a Tea Party candidate but I think in my case it sort of fits the bill very well. I’ve never run for office, never been elected to office and I really and part of the movement in the sense that from the very beginning I went to all their meetings and many people thought that I just had the vote from the beginning. You have to earn the Tea Party vote. I interviewed with every one of the different committees in the Tea Party and they will ask you: will you be a rubber stamp for the Republican Party and that’s not a good thing because they say sometimes the Republican Party is wrong.”

Rand Paul: “They do need a tea party platform and so I say lets coalesce it into some specific things and these are things I want to run on so when the primary is over and we run in the fall I don’t want to run away from the Tea Party I want to define what the tea party is.”

Rand Paul: “If you go around Kentucky every tea party is by city and sometimes by county and sometimes counties have two of them and sometimes they’re not talking so it will be a job and I’m hoping since I’ve been all around the state and met everyone that I can be a conduit for bringing some of them together and I’ve been suggesting for weeks now lets have a Kentucky Tea Party Convention and try to join together and talk about a platform and I don’t see this as outside the Republican Party. I see this as an influence that can be influential within the Republican Party.”

Rand Paul: “I’m a Christian. We go to the Presbyterian Church. My wife’s a Deacon there and we’ve gone there ever since we came to town. I see that Christianity and values is the basis of our society.”

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