Mike Pence Talks 2012 With Brody File

Mike Pence Talks 2012 With Brody File


Congressman Mike Pence is concentrating fully on the 2010 Midterm elections but what about after that? His name is out there when it comes to possible 2012 GOP presidential contenders. Evangelicals love him, fiscal conservatives love him and he’s strong on national security. He’s the rare candidate that hits the GOP trifecta.

Watch our conversation below about whether he’d run in 2012. Enjoy reading the tea leaves.

Rep. Mike Pence: “When I get asked by school kids if I've ever thought about running for President I have one answer.”

David Brody: And what is that answer?

Rep. Mike Pence: “No more no less than any other kid that grew up with a cornfield in his backyard.”

David Brody: The Field of Dreams answer.

Rep. Mike Pence: “Look, one of the great things about America is that anybody can be anybody even a small town kid from southern Indiana who grew up with a cornfield in his backyard can dream."

Rep. Mike Pence: "I'm very humbled anytime we're mentioned in that regard. I really am and as we reflect on our future as a family the only thing I know for sure is that every American who cares about this country needs to be focused completely on the first Tuesday in November."

Rep. Mike Pence: "We were encouraged to run for the United States Senate earlier this year and we were humbled by the outpouring of support for that and we ultimately decided that we could make the most difference for what we care about the most, conservative values and American families by staying right where we were in the House and fighting to restore a conservative majority to capitol Hill. Any decision for our family about seeking higher office would be based on answering the question is there not a cause? Is any particular opportunity, not whether or not it's right for us but is it the place where we can make the most difference for what we care the most about and that's how we'll pray through any decision for seeking any other office.”

Quick question: If Congressman Pence runs, you think that cornfield heartland story won’t play well? My goodness, we’re talking baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet.

I can just see Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones signing on for the “Field of American Dreams” campaign tour?


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