Christine O'Donnell Interview With The Brody File

Christine O'Donnell Interview With The Brody File


In an exclusive sit-down interview with The Brody File, Christine O'Donnell says first time voters in Delaware will propel her to victory on November 2nd despite the media's "double standard" against conservative women. The Senate candidate from Delaware also told The Brody File that "God is the reason" she is running and believes that, "prayer plays a direct role in this campaign." As for all those clips from Bill Maher's show in the 1990's, she tells me, "I looked at all the TV opportunities as a ministry opportunity, as an opportunity to share my new found faith with a television audience that otherwise would not be watching."

I sat down with O'Donnell Friday night at Wesley College in Dover, Delaware. She was upbeat and confident throughout the whole interview. She was able to really express some of her frustrations about the media's treatment of her but she vowed not to just sit around and complain. She's determined to win. She believes that the recent polls showing her down double digits to Democrat Chris Coons are misleading because they don't really include so many first time voters which she says will make the difference on Election Day.

The Brody File has released three clips from the interview. You can watch and read the full transcriptions below. However, there are more video clips of O'Donnell but those will appear in The 700 Club piece that will air tomorrow (Tuesday October 26th) across the country.

Christine O'Donnell on media's double standard for Conservative women:

David Brody: “Let me ask you about this so-called beating up of the conservative Christian woman. Do you feel that or is that an understatement?”

Christine O’Donnell: “I don’t feel it because I don’t watch the news. (Laughs) No. I do feel it. There’s certainly a double standard and I don’t often quote Gloria Steinem but she said you can look at a double standard if they wouldn’t attack the male opponent that way and there’s no doubt that they wouldn’t say the things they’re saying about me, they wouldn’t do the things that they’re doing if I weren’t a woman. I’m not whining but there certainly is a double standard especially when it comes to conservative woman.”

Christine O'Donnell on God's role in this campaign:

David Brody: How do you see God’s role in all of this because you’ve had some ups and you’ve had some downs. Where is God in all of this? How do you see all of that?

Christine O’Donnell: God is the reason that I’m running. If I didn’t believe that there were a cause greater than myself worth fighting for, if I didn’t believe that it takes a complete dying of self to make things right in this Election cycle I would not be running and when you die to yourself you rely on a power greater than yourself so prayer is what’s gotten us all through. The day that we saw a spike in the polls was a day that some people had a prayer meeting for me that morning for this campaign so I believe that prayer plays a direct role in this campaign and I always ask please pray for the campaign; please pray for our staff; please pray specifically that the eyes of the voters be opened.”

Christine O'Donnell explains 90's video clips:

Christine O’Donnell: “I’m not someone who has always planned her life for when I run for office one day obviously or I wouldn’t have said all those things on TV. In the 90’s I looked at all the TV opportunities as a ministry opportunity, as an opportunity to share my new found faith with a television audience that otherwise would not be watching when I would go on “Politically Incorrect”.  If I were planning to run for office in 10-15 years I would have been much more guarded not that I regret anything I’ve said but because I’m a vocal person I state my opinion when I think that something’s wrong or right I speak up so when folks first came to me and said will you run we’re tired of being shut out of the political process you’ve got the experience and the political know-how to stand up against the party, to stand up against the establishment I first said no and then I jokingly said but every time I say no I end up doing that very same thing and I began to think about it and pray about it and then began to get an excitement about it. I still pray this now: God will give you the desires of your heart. Some people think its what you want. God will give you what you want but He will create those desires in you so that you have a passion to do what He is calling you to so through this whole campaign that ‘s what I pray: God you gave me this desire. You gave me this desire of my heart to serve the people of Delaware to go in there and be your voice in Congress. Help me here! (Laughs)”

David Brody:  “And win or lose God is God.”

Christine O’Donnell: “You know, I don’t even go win or lose. I believe win. I know that God called me to this. We’ll tackle that last part after November 3rd but I truly believe in the power of prayer. I believe in the power of declaring and that’s what we’re doing. We’re praying every day and we see it working.”

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