Desperately Seeking Mike Pence?

Desperately Seeking Mike Pence?


Mike Pence could become the “Madonna” of 2012. Remember the 1980s movie “Desperately Seeking Susan?” starring the pop icon? (Oy, I may be dating myself.) Well, there is a political movement out there that we might want to start calling, “Desperately Seeking Pence”

There’s a “Draft Mike Pence” for president petition that has been put together and is circulating out there. (more on that here) and now there is a separate movement down in South Carolina to get Pence to run. More here. Watch the video below of some South Carolina legislators announcing their support for Pence.

e should know in the next couple of weeks what Pence plans to do. If he runs, he becomes a legitimate dark horse with a huge upside to surprise a lot of people. He may be the Mike Huckabee of 2012. Evangelicals who know Pence love him. Evangelicals who don't know about him may soon fall in love.

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