Paul Ryan Hears the Boo Birds at Town Hall Meeting

Paul Ryan Hears the Boo Birds at Town Hall Meeting


Have you seen the video of Rep. Paul Ryan getting booed by his constituents in Wisconsin over the whole Medicare/Medicaid/budget he’s proposing for the GOP?

Watch below:

Look, here is the understatement of the year: Congressman Paul Ryan has a tough sell when it comes to explaining, and then more importantly convincing, Americans that changes to Medicare and Medicaid are needed.

Let’s face it. Paul Ryan has a great argument on paper. The problem is words on a paper and constituents at a town hall meeting are entirely two different things.

You can’t just make the intellectual argument that we’re going broke. That’s not going to work. Ryan and the GOP better come up with some other way to explain/convince Americans that the big bad Republican Party isn’t going to make life worse for seniors. It’s a hard sell.

Give Ryan and the GOP credit for risking political suicide and taking the lead on entitlement reform while President Obama sat on the sidelines.

Unfortunately for Republicans that could end up being a moral victory but not one at the ballot box.

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