Donald Trump is Big Winner in the Obama Birth Certificate Story

Donald Trump is Big Winner in the Obama Birth Certificate Story


Chalk one up for “The Donald.” Say what you want about Trump but here’s the reality: When Trump speaks, people listen…and President Obama reacts.

There shouldn’t even be a debate here. Donald Trump wins because he FORCED this White House into releasing the birth certificate. Do you really think there is any other Republican contender for The White House that could have had the same success? Didn’t think so.

This is why Trump is resonating with many conservatives. He’s not ashamed to take on Obama with gusto, arrogance and yes, chutzpah (look it up!).

All the other candidates criticize Obama in a more seasoned, political way. It’s boring. Trump brings the heat. He is the “inside voice” of many conservatives in this country and truth be told, he actually may be the inner voice of many Independent voters in this country as well.

He’s the guy who says what you’re thinking. He’s the guy who says what other candidates are thinking, too. The difference is he has the guts to say it out loud and confront Obama to his face.

Let’s also remember something here. Donald Trump NEVER said Obama wasn’t born in this country. He said there were serious questions about it and he wanted answers. Well, he got those answers. From Obama. On national network television.

That’s power…and it ain’t coming from The White House.

One final point: This is yet another example of President Obama’s reactive “M.O.”

The “Method of Operation” in his presidency when it comes to foreign policy has been very reactive instead of proactive. On healthcare, he was reactive on that as well, waiting for others until he decided what to do. Entitlement reform? Same thing. And now he’s exhibiting the same behavior on this birth certificate issue.


Not good math for this president.

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