New Brody File Show on The Teavangelical Movement

New Brody File Show on The Teavangelical Movement


On this week's edition of the Brody File: We head to the Atlanta area as we take a closer look at the blossoming, “Teavangelical Movement.”

What in the world are we talking about? Watch the show and find out as you hear from three major power players within the evangelical and Tea Party political movements -- Jenny Beth Martin, Amy Kremer and Ralph Reed.

Plus, our walk and talk and strolling interview (no holding hands) with presidential contender Tim Pawlenty.

<>Viewing Guide:


- The definition of a Teavangelical - Top of show
- Watch Faith and Freedom Coalition video - 1:33 into the show
- Watch Ralph Reed clip - 4:10 into the show
- Watch Jenny Beth Martin clip - 5:45 into the show
- Watch candidates getting rated on the Teavangelical scale - 13:32 into the show
- Watch the Tim Pawlenty interview - 15:00 into the show
- Watch Amy Kremer clip - 21:10 into the show
- Watch the debut of our “Roady File” camera at the following times during the show - 10:43, 16:55, 24:33
- Watch Brody bloopers - 27:40 into the show

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