Mike Huckabee's Daughter Pushes Tim Pawlenty's Faith and Values to Iowa Supporters

Mike Huckabee's Daughter Pushes Tim Pawlenty's Faith and Values to Iowa Supporters


The T-PAW evangelical push is on in Iowa.

Tim Pawlenty’s campaign has released a six-minute that features both him and his wife Mary as they share their stories about how they came to know the Lord.

The video also shows them discussing issues like abortion, traditional marriage, and the separation of church and state. Watch it below.

In addition, Sarah Huckabee (daughter of Mike Huckabee), who now works for Pawlenty’s campaign, sent out an email to both Iowa voters AND Huckabee supporters playing up the faith and values aspect of Tim and Mary Pawlenty. Part of the letter is below.

Four years ago I worked in Iowa for my dad, Governor Mike Huckabee, when he was running for President. At the time, he was low in the polls and didn’t have much money, but he won the Iowa Caucus because Iowans liked his executive experience, record of results governing a Democratic state, and conservative convictions.

Today I’m back in Iowa working for Governor Pawlenty’s campaign because Governor Pawlenty has the same conservative convictions and executive experience I admire in my dad.

Governor Pawlenty’s record of results governing in liberal Minnesota is second to none when matched against the other Republican candidates. He balanced the budget in Minnesota by cutting spending and rejecting tax increases. He’ll do the same in Washington.

Governor Pawlenty's commitment to faith and family is not a product of coaching by campaign consultants. As a devoted husband to Mary and supportive father to Anna and Mara, Governor Pawlenty gets it. For the Pawlentys, parenting is not just an obligation - it’s a moral responsibility.

While some speak our language out of political convenience, the Pawlentys' words are rooted in core convictions.

I encourage you to watch this new video that features the Governor and his wife Mary talking about their faith. View it now and you’ll immediately understand why I’m in Iowa working to help elect Governor Pawlenty as the next President of the United States.

There’s a radio ad playing in Iowa too about the faith and values of the candidate and his wife.

The Brody File has long said that Pawlenty will need to really go full throttle in explaining to evangelical audiences that he’s an evangelical Christian as well. Clearly, we are now starting to see that effort.

In a way, Pawlenty has an advantage because he’s an evangelical presidential candidate who hasn’t developed the reputation as a religious right type of guy. Iowa voters will ultimately decide his fate.

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