Newsweek Goes for the Cheap Shot Against Bachmann

Newsweek Goes for the Cheap Shot Against Bachmann


The liberal mainstream media strikes again. Who's more dangerous to conservatives? KSM or MSM? Food for thought.

Have you seen the cover of Newsweek?

Look below:

Unbelievable. They take an attractive woman who loves Jesus and is outraged by the out-of-control spending in this country and paint her as some sort of freak at a circus.

Whose job was it to make sure they captured Bachmann's eyes in that exact look? Hey, Newsweek, great freeze frame work (sarcasm dripping).

By the way, don’t lose sight of the fact that God’s name is mentioned on the cover. That’s NOT by accident. It is not a stretch to suggest that if Michele Bachmann were not a born-again Christian this cover would NEVER EVER happen in the first place.

Apparently the only way to get a flattering Newsweek cover is to be unattractive, someone who hates God and loves the financial direction in which this country is heading.

See how ridiculous that sounds?

But you have to hand it to Newsweek. You can bet they will sell more magazines this week. They must be proud of that. Chalk one up for “lack of integrity.”

As for the article itself. the author calls Bachmann's campaigning the,"not-going-to-take-it-anymore shtick,' like what she has to say is part of some traveling Vaudeville act.

While the article isn't blatantly bias, it is written in the typical liberal worldview reporting, meaning the author just doesn't get it.

Maybe Newsweek should use reporters who actually understand the evangelical and Tea Party worlds so as to better inform others who have absolutely no clue.

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