Herman Cain Tied for GOP Lead

Herman Cain Tied for GOP Lead


Is Herman Cain the flavor of the month or much more than that? A new CBS News poll has him tie with Mitt Romney.

Let me repeat that line: A new CBS News poll has him tie with Mitt Romney.

You can read about it below, but let me just saw a few things.

Truth be told, Herman Cain gives the best speech of all the GOP presidential candidates. He’s a great orator. He has a simple economic plan that is easy to understand, and the Tea Party-led GOP is in the mood for someone who is NOT the typical politician.

Herman Cain fits that bill.

Could you imagine? Herman Cain vs. Barack Obama? Go ahead. Tell me I’m drinking the Kool-Aid. But you know what? Mitt Romney excites nobody and Rick Perry is busy shooting himself in the foot. I’m just sayin…

CBS Poll

Herman Cain has moved into a tie with Mitt Romney atop the field of Republican presidential candidates, according to a new CBS News poll, while Rick Perry has fallen 11 percentage points in just two weeks.

The poll shows Cain, who stood at just five percent support two weeks ago, now holding 17 percent support among Republican primary voters. That puts the former Godfather's Pizza CEO into a tie with Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, whose support has essentially held steady over the past two weeks.

Perry, meanwhile, has dropped from 23 percent support to just 12 percent support over the past two weeks, a sign that the Texas governor's shaky debate performances - in which he has alienated portions of both the Republican base and the party establishment - have taken their toll.

Eight in ten Republican primary voters said the candidates' debate performances are at least somewhat important to them, and 58 percent said they have watched the debates that have already taken place. Just ten percent of Republican primary voters said they agreed with Perry that the children of illegal immigrants should be allowed to get in-state tuition, a contentious topic in recent debates.

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