Brody File Exclusive: Rick Perry Talks about Holy Spirit, Herman Cain and Sarah Palin

Brody File Exclusive: Rick Perry Talks about Holy Spirit, Herman Cain and Sarah Palin


Presidential candidate Rick Perry tells the Brody File that he’d be “lost” without God and prays for the “Holy Spirit to guide” his tongue.

The Texas governor also talked with me about whether he has Sarah Palin’s phone number on speed dial, as well as his reaction to Herman Cain’s meteoric rise.

I spoke with Gov. Perry Friday afternoon at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. Watch the four clips below.


The Brody File also talked to Herman Cain and Rick Santorum. Those clips will be published later today. A full report on the Values Voter Summit airs Monday on "The 700 Club."

Rick Perry on Praying:

David Brody: I’m wondering this campaign, there’s been some ups and downs, talk to me from more of a spiritual perspective, maybe a spiritual struggle that you’ve had to deal with during your times, your quiet times with the Lord. You pray for Mitt Romney, right?

Gov. Rick Perry: And pray for this president. I pray for this president almost everyday. Not almost, every day. I pray for his wisdom, I pray for God to open his eyes. This is going to be up, it’s going to be down, but I pray for strength and wisdom. Whether it was Moses leading the Israelites or whether it was David walking into that plain with five smooth stones, to realize that God’s going to be with you, and don’t fear anything, he’s in charge.

And ask for the Holy Spirit to guide your tongue and the wisdom of your body, and the wisdom of your thoughts, and to actually put the words in your mouth. From time to time, I overcome the Holy Spirit and I have to say, 'Well, Lord, I said something and didn’t really let you really be driving the process.'

Rick Perry on Herman Cain’s rise in the polls:

Brody: What do you think of Herman Cain’s meteoric rise here? What’s your take on that exactly?

Perry: There will probably be multiple meteoric rises in the Republican primary, so to take a snapshot in time, you could go back in every campaign and ask that question about someone who ultimately who didn’t end up being our nominee.

I look at it as a long haul, a long process, and our goal in this nomination process, is to lay out a vision for our country, so that Americans have the dignity of a job again. That, to me is singularly the most important issue.

And all to often, the media doesn’t want to allow a discussion about that. They want to talk about a hundred other things that are maybe interesting and entertaining to watch, but there’s a family sitting around the dinner table tonight, talking about the dilemma that their family finds themselves in because the breadwinner doesn’t have a job.

Rick Perry on Sarah Palin:

Brody: Do you have Sarah Palin’s number on speed dial? What’s your message to her supporters? They’re up for grabs.

Perry: Actually, when Sarah came down and endorsed me in my re-election for my third term as governor of Texas, it was obviously good to have her there. And she and Todd are very good friends. We share a lot of the same beliefs in smaller government, we share that belief that government needs to do a few things, do those few things really well, and get out of people’s way.

That’s how we have governed Texas over the last decade, and I think that from the standpoint of having Sarah’s support or anyone else, Chris Christie or what have you, they looked at Texas and they’ll say that’s a model for how you run a state.

Rick Perry being "lost” without God:

Brody: Where are you without God? If God is not in your life?

Perry: I’m lost, is where I would be. I can no more separate myself from God’s love than I can separate myself from my history of being a tenant farmer’s son, or my accent. That’s part of my life. It’s part of who I am.

So, everyday, I ask for God’s wisdom. Everyday, I ask for His guidance, and without it, I truly would be lost, in more ways than one.

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