Gingrich Talks to The Brody File about His Meeting with Pastors and His Rise in the Polls

Gingrich Talks to The Brody File about His Meeting with Pastors and His Rise in the Polls


We also sat down with Newt Gingrich, after his remarks to the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition, Saturday night in Des Moines, Iowa.

He tells us about his "different" message, and how for him, it's not about debating his opponents, but starting his own conversation with the American people.

David Brody: What is it that's resonating, you think? What you're saying with them, this audience specifically?

Newt Gingrich: Well, they want very substantial change. And they want somebody who knows about it, somebody who can articulate it, and somebody who has some record or some sense of getting it done. I think people are genuinely worried about the country. So, I think their standard this election cycle, may be the highest it's been in a long time, by which they're measuring people.

Brody: Talk to me about your poll numbers. We talked last in Florida, they were increasing. They've increased even more since then. What is going on, specifically as to what you're saying, compared to maybe some of the other candidates? Because Perry and Romney have this thing going on, but here you are, kind of just inching up as we move on. What's going on, exactly?

Gingrich: I think first of all, if you look at and you see the size of the 21st Century Contract with America, you'll see real substance. This is not just slogans or talking points. This is a serious effort to understand what America has to do.

Second, I approach the debates differently than everybody else. I think I'm there, partly, because of my Dad's background of 27 years in the Army. I'm there as a witness for the American people. I'm there to talk about what I believe we honestly have to get done to get America back on the right track. So, I think my tone and my approach is different than most people.

On one hand, I think I'm probably more positive. On the other hand, I think I'm probably tougher. But, I'm tougher with the news media. I'm tougher with describing Federal Reserve, Bernanke, what's going on in Iraq. People get this kind of different effect when I talk because I'm having a different conversation.

I'm not debating any of my colleagues. I'm trying to communicate with the American people about what we need to do together, in order to get our country back on the right direction.

Gingrich also talked to The Brody File about what it's like to meet with groups of pastors off-the-record, and why he thinks meetings like those rattle the mainstream media.

Brody: I know this is more of an under-the-radar thing, but you and Rick Perry and others speak to some pastor groups from time to time. These are private, off-the-record meetings, but what is that like to go in and speak to these pastors?

Gingrich: It's very interesting. I haven't sensed the news media nearly as worried about Barack Obama's secret fundraising. If he has a fundraiser that's off the record, nobody's allowed in. It's only billionaires giving him cash, that's somehow not a big problem. But, if we meet with 500 people of faith, and we talk with them about what's pretty obvious, we talk to them about faith, the courts, the Constitution, the nature of religion in America.

And again, my stuff is pretty open. I've done a book, I've done movies, you know, it's pretty clear where I stand. Some of these reporters get very interested. I wish they were half as interested in Obama's conversations with billionaires. On the other hand, maybe it would be great to have them get to know more pastors.

Brody: But this is a movement, though, kind of in the country, this kind of black room, red room if you will.

Gingrich: There's a very real movement among pastors who have begun to realize that, when you go back to the Founding Fathers, the decade before the Declaration of Independence, pastors played a big role as citizens. They were very central in defining the fight, and in rallying the country.

Pastors are citizens, too. They have every right as citizens to get involved. I think that really rattles the news media.

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