Only on Brody File Tonight: James Dobson Plans To Praise Bachmann Before Iowa Caucus

Only on Brody File Tonight: James Dobson Plans To Praise Bachmann Before Iowa Caucus


A senior aide to Michele Bachmann’s campaign tells The Brody File that the presidential candidate and her husband Marcus has a “warm and friendly” private meeting with influential evangelical leader James Dobson Monday.

Dobson told her afterwards that he plans to reach out to Iowa leaders on her behalf. Dr. Dobson is not planning on endorsing any candidate.

Michele Bachmann was in Colorado taping two radio segments with Dobson that air next Tuesday and Wednesday. The powerful evangelical leader used to run Focus on the Family but has since left to start up “Family Talk,” a non-profit organization. The radio broadcast called “Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson” is heard on over 300 stations across the country.

In addition to the private meeting with Dr. Dobson, Marcus and Michele Bachmann spoke to all of the staff and had lunch with him as well.

Beyond the meeting with Dobson, she also met with Jim Daly, president and chief executive officer of Focus on the Family, along with the department heads within the organization. According to the Bachmann campaign, they discussed the political dynamics of the presidential race as well as the state of politics in the country today. Bachmann did not go there seeking an endorsement but rather to listen to the top concerns from those within the important evangelical organization.

More on the meeting tomorrow.

While Romney stagnates, Cain implodes, and Gingrich grabs the headlines, Bachmann is quietly burying her head and doing the diligent organizational work that needs to be done to win Iowa. Don’t count her out.

During this presidential campaign, along with Romney, she’s probably been the most consistent candidate when it comes to being methodical in her approach and she’s also been relatively gaffe-free.

Bachmann has shown herself to be a serious candidate who has been able to articulate a thoughtful message. Can voters picture her as presidential material? That’s the important outstanding question.

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