Brody File Instant Debate Analysis: Gingrich, Bachmann Stand Out. Romney? All Bets Are Off

Brody File Instant Debate Analysis: Gingrich, Bachmann Stand Out. Romney? All Bets Are Off


Brody File Instant Debate Analysis:

Tonight’s two big winners: Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann. Mitt Romney? Not the best night.

Disagree? You want to bet? I’ll bet you $10,000. You get the point right?

Newt Gingrich:
The knives were out and Gingrich weathered the storm. He did not get dragged into the mud but rather defended himself and stayed relatively positive, which has been the key to his campaign. He clearly took his anti-arrogance pills before the debate and, for the most part, they kicked in and worked.

Did he get dinged up? Sure a little bit but the Palestinian “invented people” line actually helps him with many conservative evangelicals. In addition, as long as Gingrich speaks boldly and calls out the extreme radical Muslim ideology in the Middle East, he will earn major points with evangelicals.

The power of Gingrich is in his ability to be bold and throw political correctness to the wind. It’s working and it worked tonight again. He’s the clear frontrunner.

Michele Bachmann:
Newt/Romney, Newt/Romney, Newt/Romney. Bachmann scored with that line. So much for 999. She has the new line. Bachmann was really on her game tonight. If she can get people to see her as a POTUS then she can go far. Tonight was a big step in that direction. She came to primetime TV tonight and showed she’s ready for primetime.

Mitt Romney:
The $10,000 bet line to Rick Perry was disastrous on so many levels. First of all, how about a $1 bet not $10,000?!! He really showed his elitist filthy rich side by giving that figure. Plus, why is he offering to bet on national TV? What kind of message does that send to children? Oy.

Beyond the betting line, Romney continues to look like he’s plodding along. In other words, he was okay but not spectacular. That might not cut it at this stage. What we also saw from Romney tonight is that when he brought up the whole Palestinian “invented people” issue, he came across as extremely cautious.

While he might think that’s a good thing, voters are not looking for a candidate who’s cautious because cautious means tentative. Tentative means unsure. Unsure means wishy-washy. Wishy-washy means flip flop. Gingrich has pulled ahead of Romney because he’s talking much bolder. That is a big reason why Romney has a ceiling.

Rick Santorum:
Solid as always. He needs a breakthrough moment. I didn’t see it tonight.

Ron Paul:
A broken record. That’s not being negative - just stating that he’s been consistent since the very beginning.

Rick Perry:
He says all the right things but it just takes three times as long because he simply isn’t coherent up there at times. His delivery needs work to say the least. I have the number for Dale Carnegie if he wants to call me.

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