Brody File Analysis of GOP Debate in Sioux City, Iowa

Brody File Analysis of GOP Debate in Sioux City, Iowa


The Brody File provides the following analysis after the GOP debate in Sioux City Iowa.

Michele Bachmann:
The clear winner. She brought the fight to Newt Gingrich and her Iowa rival Ron Paul. She finally said what she has needed to say from the very beginning, which is that she’s a “serious candidate” and that she does have her facts right. This has been the narrative for some in the media about her so she fought back against that.

She has really stepped up her game even more in the last few weeks. It won’t surprise me if she wins the caucus or places top three for sure. Watch out. Bachmann is right near the top tier and she’s peaking at the right time. National polls may be misleading.

Mitt Romney:
Solid. Never got tripped up and his “pretty please” line about Obama and the U.S. spy drone in Iran was nifty. He kept his comments positive and about the POTUS. While the debates have helped Gingrich rise, these debates have also shown Americans that Romney is capable, steady and a cool customer, important attributes for a Commander-In-Chief.

Newt Gingrich:
Steady but not stellar. He hit it out of the park on judges and the keystone pipeline but is going to need to go deeper in the electability argument than just saying he will crush Obama in the debates. Bachmann really stood up to him on the life issue and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

She dinged him pretty good but the good news for Gingrich is that he didn’t get mean. He kept his cool and rebutted the charges. With everyone and their aunt running negative ads about Gingrich in Iowa, he’s going to suffer some in the polls. Can he hang on? It’s an open question.

Rick Santorum:
Why is this guy not a top tier candidate? His policy knowledge is top notch and he’s articulate. Clearly it has to do with the fact that he is somehow not emotionally connecting to people. He can be too serious at times, which is unfortunate because Santorum is a likeable guy. His passion on the issues comes across as someone who likes a little angry up there at times.

Anyhow, Santorum is working hard in Iowa so we’ll see. I can tell you this if the nomination doesn’t work out, he’s setting himself nicely for a cabinet position.

Rick Perry:
The Tim Tebow line will resonate with evangelicals. It was clever. Other than that he disappeared for long stretches though his passion for a part time Congress played well. A solid performance but right now Perry needs spectacular.

Ron Paul:
Let’s be clear. On economic issues, Ron Paul has been ahead of the curve for years and debate questions on that topic are in his wheelhouse. He hits them out of the park. The problem is his liberal foreign policy just WILL NOT fly in Republican circles.

Ron Paul fans may not want to hear that but the truth of the matter is a Republican candidate (Paul or anyone else) cannot get elected with those type of foreign policy positions. So when he got tangled up with Bachmann on Iran, it’s a losing proposition for him.

Jon Huntsman:
The key question: Should he just stay in New Hampshire and not attend these debates? The guy oozes moderate, which isn’t playing well in this GOP cycle. Nothing against Huntsman because his answers are always well thought out and articulate. But there’s no there there, if you know what I’m saying.

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