Faith Leaders Defend Gingrich

Faith Leaders Defend Gingrich


Some prominent evangelical Christians who back Newt Gingrich have come out with a statement of support. The following people have signed the statement: Congressman J.C. Watts, Dr. George Barna, Dr. Jim Garlow, Dr. Richard Lee, and David Lane.

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"The five of us attended last weekend's positive and beneficial gathering of Christian conservatives at the Pressler Ranch near Houston. We were united in principles and values, and will remain so.  However, there was no consensus regarding a candidate, and those of us that came supporting Newt Gingrich left still supporting Newt Gingrich whole-heartedly.

"It is unfortunate that early press reports incorrectly stated that there was a consensus for Santorum, or that the '150 leaders endorsed Santorum.' Such was not the case. Many there were and still are for Newt Gingrich.

"Rick Santorum won the majority of the votes (by 9 votes in the first ballot), and he is to be congratulated for that. However, while we truly respect Rick Santorum and Rick Perry, we believe Newt Gingrich to be the only candidate that has the intellectual strength and the capacity to stop the Left's attack on morality, the economy, basic freedoms and our religious liberty.

"In addition, Mr. Gingrich is the social conservative that has the capacity to raise funds and produce a national organization that would allow him to compete with and defeat Barack Obama.  For the sake of the nation, we remain steadfastly committed to Newt Gingrich."

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