2007 Clip: Mitt Romney Talks about Second Coming of Jesus Christ

2007 Clip: Mitt Romney Talks about Second Coming of Jesus Christ


Watch Mitt Romney talk about his Mormon faith and the church's views on the second coming of Jesus Christ and the millennium period. It's interesting to watch because we NEVER hear Romney talk about his faith so candidly.

This video was shot during the 2008 campaign during a commercial break when he was being interview by Jan Mickelson on WHO Radio in Iowa. This clip got some brief attention during the 2008 campaign but many casual political observers probably never saw it.

The Brody File thinks evangelicals will find it interesting to listen to a glimpse of Romney's biblical views simply because he never goes there (Then again, why would he go there since he's running for president of the United States and not president of the Mormon church).

The clip gets interesting with a very animated Romney at 10:35 into the clip. At 15:35 is where he starts talking about the second coming of Christ.

He says the following:

"The Church says that Christ appears and splits the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. That’s what the Church says. And then, over a thousand years of the millennium, that the world is reigned in two places, Jerusalem and Missouri. . . . The law will come from Missouri, and the other will be from Jerusalem."

Romney doesn't like to talk about his Mormonism yet Santorum is constantly asked about his staunch conservative views as it relates to his Catholicism.

Romney might not want to talk about his faith in public but guess what? Here's the dirty little secret. You can be sure some Democratic operatives will try and tarnish Romney in the General Election if he's the nominee. They are going to release off-the-record background articles and tidbits about his Mormon theology that will try and paint Romney as strange

The mainstream media will run with it because they love headlines. It may not be fair but it's coming. Trust me on that one. The question then becomes will this end up making Romney a weaker General Election nominee, or if he does become the nominee, will voters find him more of a sympathetic figure because of the attacks against his faith?

It's a legitimate discussion.

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