U.S. House Candidate in North Carolina Tells Congress: Stop Reading New York Times and 'Pick Up the Bible'

U.S. House Candidate in North Carolina Tells Congress: Stop Reading New York Times and 'Pick Up the Bible'


A Christian conservative congressional candidate in North Carolina is about to release a new campaign ad that invokes the Bible and the immorality of the debt crisis.

Ethan Wingfield, who is just 26 years old and is running for the open seat in North Carolina’s District 11, tells The Brody File:

“Congress should stop reading Obama’s book, give up the New York Times, and pick up The Bible. They can start with Proverbs 22:7. ‘The borrower is slave to the lender.’ Washington either hasn’t read that, or doesn’t care. But I do.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we have found yet another Teavangelical, a conservative Christian running for office who is combining his evangelical values with the umbrella of the Tea Party platform.

Watch the exclusive ad provided to The Brody File below.

More from Wingfield to The Brody File:

“We’re borrowing trillions of dollars from countries like China.  Our debt is 100 percent of GDP.  And if we don’t act soon to cut spending and get a handle on this immoral debt, things are only going to get worse.”

You may remember Wingfield from a few years ago. He used to be president of Brown University’s Reformed University Fellowship (RUF). Brown suspended their conservative Christian student ministry because the university said it had a “culture of contempt and dishonesty.”

Wingfield took the story to the media and Brown eventually relented and the ministry was back in business (so to speak).

Wingfield may be just 26 but he has a pretty decent shot of winning in November if he can survive the GOP Primary. This is Democrat Heath Shuler’s district but he’s decided not to run this year. Redistricting has made this district more Republican so that means this is expected to be a Republican pick-up.

If Wingfield wins, he’d be part of a new generation of Teavangelicals set to start making serious changes up on Capitol Hill. Remember, many lawmakers up on Capitol Hill, who are considered part of the Tea Party are also conservative Christians.

The two go hand in hand and Wingfield may end up making that list longer.

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