Exclusive: Joe The Plumber Will Back Romney, Calls Obama's Ideology 'Un-American'

Exclusive: Joe The Plumber Will Back Romney, Calls Obama's Ideology 'Un-American'


“Joe the Plumber” (a.k.a. Samuel Wurzelbacher) tells the Brody File that while Herman Cain was his first choice for president, he will get behind Mitt Romney. He also says that President Obama’s ideology is, “un-American.” Watch the video below.

Mitt Romney could sure use a surrogate like Joe The Plumber out there on the campaign trail. Joe’s crowd is the type Romney needs to win over. Let the coalescing begin.

Courtesy: CBN News/The Brody File

David Brody: Where do you come down on Romney? What do you think of him? I’m thinking back to 2008 and everything with John McCain, and and all of that presidential race. Where are you now with Mitt Romney, are you okay with him as a candidate?

Samuel Wurzelbacher: If he ends up being our GOP candidate, then I will get behind him, I do believe. And want somebody in office other than Barack Obama. President Obama’s ideology is un-American, I say that every day, and I won’t shut up about it.

His views are socialist. He’s been hanging around with them for a very long time. It’s connecting the dots, it’s very simple. It’s not conspiracy theory, it’s not a bunch of hoopla, it’s real. And people have to call it out, and not be afraid of the media slapping them down. I won’t be.

Brody: But Romney necessarily wasn’t your first choice, or your first cup of tea, if you will?

Wurzelbacher: I was a big fan of Herman Cain. I really liked him a great deal. I think he’s a godly man, a man of his word, but the American people are voting, and Mitt Romney keeps coming out on top. So, we’re going to move forward with Mitt Romney, and see what happens.??

Brody: We wish you the best of luck in your race.

Wurzelbacher: Thank you, really appreciate it.

Brody: And by the way, we have a leak in the bathroom, can you help us?

Wurzelbacher: My day rate has gone up.

Brody: Oh gosh. We can’t afford you anymore. Joe the Plumber, thank you.

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