This Just In: Romney to Speak at Liberty University

This Just In: Romney to Speak at Liberty University


The Brody File has learned that Mitt Romney will give the commencement address at Liberty University on Saturday, May 12 in Lynchburg, Va. A campaign source says that the University approached the Romney campaign, and Romney gladly accepted.

This will be Gov. Romney’s first appearance at Liberty University. Liberty University is the biggest evangelical Christian university in the country, with some 13,000 students on campus. Jerry Falwell, Jr. is the chancellor.

So, what’s The Brody File’s take? This is a big deal. Gov. Romney hasn’t done a lot of evangelical type events, but this is sure a big one. This very well could mark a serious turning point in Romney’s relationship with evangelicals.

Clearly the campaign understands that evangelicals ARE very important when it comes to winning in the general election against President Obama. This speech at Liberty University is a clear signal that Romney needs them on board his train that is leaving the station.

The fact that Liberty University extended their hand to Romney is a clear indication that evangelicals are willing to embrace him. And, kudos to the Romney campaign for realizing that turning down Liberty University would have been big mistake.

Instead, this could be a concrete bridge to potential victory in 2012.

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