Exclusive: Mitt Romney Reveals His Wild and Crazy Side

Exclusive: Mitt Romney Reveals His Wild and Crazy Side


From Brody File Executive Producer Dana Ritter on site at Liberty University:

GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney gave what could be considered the biggest speech of his political career Saturday at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va.  Liberty University is the biggest evangelical Christian university in the world and the crowd was 34,000 people.

After his big speech, Romney sat down with Jennifer Wishon, White House Correspondent for CBN News. David Brody was planning to do the interview but a last second family emergency made that impossible.

Ann Romney has said there is a "wild and crazy" side of Mitt Romney. Jennifer asked him about his wild and crazy side. Video and transcription below.


Jennifer Wishon: Your wife says that there is a wild and crazy guy inside of Gov. Mitt Romney. Can you give us some examples of incidents that illustrate that?

Mitt Romney: Well, we have in our family of course, a number of things that we do like pushing people out of a boat, short sheeting their bed, putting corn flakes in their bed, a lot of jokes and tricks that we play among ourselves. But even among some others.

I once had a state trooper who kept on playing jokes on me, and I played tricks back on him. One day he short sheeted my bed. We were at a very fancy hotel. I went to go to bed, and I couldn’t get in, because he had actually come in before I got to the hotel and short sheeted the bed. And the next morning when I came down to breakfast, he of course had a big smile because he was going to see how I reacted.

I pretended not to notice. And I got some stationary from the general manager of the hotel, and I had it typed up, as addressed a letter to me, saying we are so sorry that your bed was improperly made, Mr. Romney, and we have fired the maid who did it. And then that letter arrived in our office.

My secretary picked it up and showed it to him. He was so upset. His boss told him he had to call the hotel and explain to the manager that he was the one that had messed up, not the person that they had fired. He got on the phone all red faced, and then finally, of course, when the manager had no idea what he was talking about, he realized the joke was on him.

So, we play tricks even with the people I work with.

Wishon: Like to have fun.

Romney: You bet.

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