Example of Media Bias Against Romney

Example of Media Bias Against Romney


The mainstream media bias was on clear display today in a Washington Post article written by Philip Rucker.

Read the paragraph below:

“…It should become official on Tuesday, when Texas voters are expected to push Romney over the finish line in the delegate race. And with that, the Republican Party will have selected an unlikely standard-bearer for 2012: a New Englander in a party rooted in the South; a man of moderate temperament in a party fueled by hot rhetoric; a Mormon in a party guided by evangelical Christians; a flip-flopper in a party that demands ideological purity.”

You’re kidding me right? The Washington Post just labeled Mitt Romney a flip-flopper as part of what is supposed to be an objective news article. This isn’t an editorial where someone can have an opinion that Romney is a flip-flopper. That would be one thing but for a reporter to label a candidate a flip-flopper is pretty over the top.

How about a line that says:

“And whom his critics say is a flip-flopper in a party that seeks (rather than demands) ideological purity.”

What happened to attributing the flip-flopper label to his critics rather than just making a statement of fact?

Unbelievable. When conservatives rail about how Romney is going to have to defeat Obama and the media machine, this is a perfect example of it.

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