Brody File Book 'The Teavangelicals' Is Now in Bookstores! Get The Inside Scoop

Brody File Book 'The Teavangelicals' Is Now in Bookstores! Get The Inside Scoop


And so it begins… The Brody File’s new book, The Teavangelicals: The Inside Story of How the Evangelicals and the Tea Party are Taking Back America, is now available in bookstores!

What is a Teavangelical? The Brody File coined the term and the definition is below:

Teavangelical: (noun) a conservative Christian (typically evangelical) who strongly supports the Tea Party agenda or is active in the Tea Party movement (pronounced “TEE-van-GEL-i-cal”)

The book takes an in-depth look at the involvement by conservative Christians inside the Tea Party movement. They comprise more than half of the Tea Party but why have they signed up exactly?

Also inside the book you’ll find some new campaign reporting from the GOP Primary, including never-before-reported stories about Mitt Romney’s secret meeting with evangelical leaders as far back as 2006.

Also, you’ll learn details about Newt Gingrich’s Bible emails, Ron Paul’s letter about Jesus Christ, and the internal debate over how best to run Michele Bachmann’s campaign. Plus, an exclusive interview with Herman Cain where he says, “Someone wanted me out of the race because I was being overly successful.”

Also, never-before-released interviews with Marco Rubio, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and many more.

The Brody File begins a national media tour starting today, including appearances on The 700 Club, the Sean Hannity Show, Fox and Friends, Morning Joe, Hardball, PBS NewsHour, CNN and many more.

If you’re interested in having me on to talk about the book please, reply to this email or contact my publicists here or here.

You can read more about the book here.

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