President Obama’s Seinfeld Acceptance Speech

President Obama’s Seinfeld Acceptance Speech


Remember the classic "Seinfeld" episode where George famously suggests to Jerry that they should write a sitcom “about nothing.” Well, President Obama’s speech was pretty much about “nothing” and I’m sure many conservatives found it laughable just like a sitcom.

Look, this was a boilerplate speech to fire up the base. To that end, the president did what he needed to do. For him to win, he’ll need the base to turn out for him just like they did in 2008.

The problem is that polls show enthusiasm among the base is down from 2008 and it probably won’t be matched. Meanwhile the Tea Party wasn’t formed or energized in 2008. Those two factors are poised to make a huge difference.

As for the speech, where was the boldness? Where was the meat about job creation? Where were the future promises and big audacious initiatives for the next four years? Instead the speech felt very much like recycled campaign material. We’ve heard all of this before. He said all of this in 2008.

From a public policy perspective he didn’t offer anything new or forward-looking. It didn’t break any new ground. No new nuggets. It was safe. It was pedestrian. It was a speech designed to say, “Hey, I need some more time.” That’s a fine goal but without any new material the speech felt flat.

The good news for President Obama is that safe and pedestrian (and a little flat) might just get the job done. This is President Obama’s race to lose and Mitt Romney is the one that’s going to need to make the compelling case to the American people that Barack Obama should be fired.

Romney is going to have to make Obama look like Jimmy Carter. The Obama campaign needs to make their candidate look like Bill Clinton.

Here’s the final Brody File take on the DNC Olympic Speech Medal Stand Ceremony:

Gold Medal: Bill Clinton
Silver Medal: Michelle Obama
Bronze Medal: President Obama

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